Our dummy clips are the perfect accessory to match your little one's outfits.

They are simply designed to attached to a piece of clothing and a dummy on the looped end, a great way to stop them being dropped on the floor.


Not only do they look great they are flexible, soft and easily cleaned. You can even match them with our whole teething range.


Dummy Clip Safety – 

Our dummy clips are rigorously tested and have been tested by an independant UK testing house to ensure they meet the British Safety Standards  BSEN 12586:2007+A1:2011. This is to ensure quality and safety of our products for your little ones.



All of our dummy clips come with the following warnings for your child's safety:

Before each use check carefully. Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness

Never lengthen the soother holder.

Never attach to cords, ribbons, laces or loose parts of clothing as there is a risk of strangulation.

Do not use this item whilst in a cot, bed or crib.

A dummy clip is not a toy or a teething accessory, it is also recommended that your child does not chew on any parts of this product.

Whilst not in use, please store safely out of reach of children.

Soother holder/ dummy clips should only be attached to a garment.



Wipe down with soapy water.

Leave to air dry.

Do not use with any chemicals.

Do not submerge clip in water.

We recommend you to regularly clean your dummy clip. 

Each products comes with their own safety warning and cleaning instructions.

Dark Green and Gold Dummy Clip

Gift Wrapping
  • If you would like a Mam adaptor, there is another link to enable to purchase one