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Frigg Dummy || Daisy | LATEX Size 1 | Seafoam

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Designed and manufactured in Hinnerup, Denmark,

FRIGG is for everyone who wants the best for their

The FRIGG line of silicone dummies have been thoughtfully designed for your baby’s comfort. The outward curve keeps the dummy off their delicate skin, while features like air holes and a security handle ensures your baby stays safe.

FRIGG means "beloved" in Old Norse, ultimately de-
rived from Indo-European *pri for "to love." In Norse
mythology, Frigg was the goddess of earth, air, and
fertility and the wife of Odin.

We value the beauty in minimal design and the use
of minimal materials.

Our products' clean lines and warm colours reflect our values. FRIGG products are
100% free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates.