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Not only are our dummy clips safe but they are also the perfect accessory to keep your little ones looking modern and stylish, whilst keeping dummies near by at all times! 

Available in a huge range of colours, they are the perfect accessory to match your little ones outfits!

They are flexible, soft and easily cleaned. You can even match them with our whole teething range.

We have 2 size ranges available:

Mummy & Austin || Classic Clips: Designed with either a silicone clasp or a silver in 15mm silicone beads. These dummy clips are slightly larger in size and are best suited to sitters, crawlers, walkers & toddlers!

Mummy & Austin || Petite: Designed with one of our beautiful lightweight silver clasps and constructed using 12mm/15mm and lentil beads. These dummy clips are petite in size, making them perfect for every age from newborns to toddlers! 


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